Paramparaa Academy situated in Arakkonam, is a CBSE School based on Indian culture, traditions and value with the state-of-the art facilities for both academic and co-curricular activities. With 30 years of experience in the educational sector, we inculcate your child with ethics, respect, dedication, discipline, integrity and moral values. We are a co-ed school, providing quality learning that is ethnic yet contemporary. Inspired by the Gurukul style of learning, Paramparaa Academy incorporates the ideals of our ancient culture with modern education dedicated in creating responsible citizens for tomorrow.

Paramparaa Academy Affiliated to CBSE Affiliation No : 1930592


We have a team of young, energetic self - motivated teachers who keep up a track record of Producing District and State Rank both in XII and X. The team, under the wings of highly efficient Principal who is a State Government 'Best Teacher' awardee.



Imagine a learning environment which enables & empowers every student equipped for life & career in the 21st Century, Discover their unique, inherent talents, Enjoy every moment of learning process, Ask more & smarter questions and perform better.



Sports is given paramount importance in Parampara Academy. Vast lush green sports field with the state of the art Basket Ball Court (yet to be completed), Volley Ball Court, Cricket Net Practice,200 meter track, Foot Ball ground, and Tennis caters to the sports needs of the kids.


About US

Our Values

Imagine a learning environment which enables & empowers every student to:

  • Be equipped for life & career in the 21st Century.
  • Discover their unique, inherent talents.
  • Enjoy every moment of learning process.
  • Ask more & smarter questions and perform better.
  • Inculcate values & become responsible citizens of tomorrow.
  • Use Technology with relevance & responsibility.

Parampara Academy is committed create such a learning environment. Parampara deeply cares for values and belief and aim for a perfect balance of complementary factors: ancient and modern, traditional & innovative

Mission & Vision


To ensure that every student leaves our campus equipped with increased knowledge, adequate skills, and the right attitude to appreciate, and promote the Indian ethos, culture and harmony.


Provide exposure and knowledge gained from years of traditional culture combined with the vision of modern technology 25 years ahead. To appreciate the continuum of all the past generations into the future ones, with each of us as a link.

Team Parampara

Pratheep Chandramohan

Pratheep currently heads the operations of a manufacturing firm in Chennai which specializes in making precision components for automobile majors such as Hyundai and Fiat. Prior to this, he was with Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he undertook several Business and IT consulting engagements for multiple Global Pharmaceutical companies (across U.S.A., Europe and India). He is actively involved with Yi (Young Indians), an integral part of Confideration of Indian Industries (CII), a non-government, not-for-profit industry led organization. He is an Executive Committee member at Yi Chennai Chapter, where he has spearheaded various youth development initiatives (for underprivileged youth) working with government Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and government schools, in incorporating employability related life skills and training to their students across Tamil Nadu. He is also an active member of TACNITI (Tamil Nadu Chamber of Nippon India Trade & Industry), a business-led organisation promoting bilateral trade and investment between India & Japan. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University, New York, U.S.A. and B.Tech degree in Information Technology from University of Madras. He has co-authored several conference and journal publications (in U.S.A.) in the field of information security and research. His passion and dream is to bring quality and balanced education platform for children. As a founding member of Parampara Academy, he brings 10+ years of diverse global experience to fulfil the vision of the school.

Rtn. Chandramohan

After the formal education, Chandramohan continued engineering studies and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras. He finished his Masters degree – M.Tech (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) from the India’s premier institute – Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. In the professional work experience, he had short career opportunities in companies like Bhilai Steel Plant (now SAIL), Godrej & Boyce, Bombay, Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore, and BHEL. He had long time career experience in the factories of Murugappa Group dealing in Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production Planning & Control, and other industrial disciplines.After 15 years of industrial experience, he started his own organization along with a partner and concentrated on industrial and business consultancy for about 20 years. In the education field, he holds positions of governing council member in two engineering colleges. He had his advanced management and business training in Japan and continues to involve in the relationship of India and Japan in the areas of cultural, technological, and business promotion activities. Currently, he holds the position of President in ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI, an organization dedicated in promoting Indo-Japan relationship. His philanthropic nature has landed him in Rotary International, and he has been a Rotarian for about 20 years. He has served various Rotary district positions, including Assistant Governor and District Secretary. He has made major contribution, both in financial and training in social organizations. His Vision for Parampara: Towards the social responsibility, he had a vision to start an educational institution of high standard matching global educational systems. With the view to impart the school education to young children, Parampara Academy has been established which will employ all the advanced, modern and global educational trends and make the Academy a world class institution with an affordable cost.


V.S.SRIDHAR, born in 1952, is a native of Coimbatore, a city known for Textiles and Quality Educational Institutions. He is a graduate in Commerce and persued his carrier as a Banker and became a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. He has a rich experience of more than 15 years as a Banker having served in Three Nationalised Banks in Senior Management levels. Had an inherent zeal to become a business man. In the year 1990 he entered the business arena as a Finance consultant. Became one of the founder Directors of ‘Business Factors and Investments Pvt Ltd’ He has been acclaimed as a ‘Man of Commitments’ by various Corporate Captains especially when it comes to the question of large scale and timely delivery of both Term Loans and Working Capital arrangements. His continuous exploring outlook towards Manufacturing Industries added with the idea of giving livelihood for a number of families landed him to be an Industrialist in 2011. Became a partner of M/S. New Dolphin Machining Solutions, a company Manufacturing Auto Component for a few Automobile Manufacturing Companies in India. Being a Rotarian over the past two decades he always evinced keen interest in various Social Service activities and community Projects. His passion and drive towards bringing Literacy in Rural areas paved way for joining as one of the Trustees of Parampara Educational Trust which in turn made the beginning for Parampara Academy in Arakkonam . Mr.Sridhar has a strong mind and will in bringing the ‘PARAMPARA ACADEMY’ as one of the well accredited CBSE School. His has vision to see that the ‘PARAMPARA ACADEMY’ to be the best school in terms of pass percentage, Infrastructure facilities, best teaching staff and also in the ranking of maximum scored students in Southern India.

The Principal

T. TamizhSelvam

It is indeed a great pleasure to be a part of an institution like Parampara Academy which has created a name for itself by providing quality schooling. I assure all the stake holders that we would strive to provide balanced education to the pupils as the Academy believes in holistic development of a child prodigy.
A dynamic and progressive school system is characterized by the extend and magnitude of the care it takes of its pupils and thereby of their future. My commitment would be that we would leave no stone unturned to meet manifold needs of the children such as intellectual emotional, spiritual and disciplinary. We would provide a stimulating environment to let the young ones flower and develop the quality of character, integrity and social consciousness. To be brief all the Life Skills will be very well taken care. I would seek active co-operation and involvement from the parents so that our efforts to strive scholastic excellence may reach fruition. We are fully equipped to meet the challenges the CBSE School would call forth. I pledge to endeavor to produce well balanced capable, individuals and leaders of tomorrow who can blaze a new trail and make a qualitative difference to this world.



Parampara Academy adopts the CBSE syllabus which equips children to compete with International standards.


  • It provides access not only at national level but also at the international level education to its students.
  • The curriculum of CBSE is based on the psychology of the child after long continuous research in school education to meet out the challenges of education.
  • All prestigious entrance exams like IIT, AIEE, CPMT, AIMS, CA, NIFT, ISSO are based on CBSE syllabus.
  • The strict norms of CBSE make it sure that excellent education, infrastructure & facilities are provided to its students in the schools affiliated to its Board.
  • CBSE ensures that its students fair well in all the competitions at the National and International level


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

CBSE has introduced a new concept of ‘no formal’ exams, but an evaluation based on a more detailed continuous strategy. By introducing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in all its affiliated schools, CBSE has brought about a paradigm shift from examination to effective pedagogy and has strengthened the education system. CCE aims at the holistic assessment of a learner, which includes both Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas in Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, Sports and Games and Co-curricular activities. The scheme focuses on making evaluation an integral part of teaching - learning process and also envisages improving on - going teaching learning process by diagnosing the learning gaps and offering corrective and enrichment input.

For this purpose, an academic year has been divided into two terms. The first will be from April to September and the second from October to March. Each will have two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment for evaluation of Scholastic areas.


Happy Learning Pedagogy

Parampara implements ‘Happy Learning Pedagogy’ for Kindergarten classes, designed and developed in UK. It is a systematic synthetic phonics program designed to teach children to read and write. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills.

‘Happy Learning Curriculum’ is a fun and child centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. The multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve.

The methodology and the technology of this praiseworthy curriculum is unmatchable, incredible and state of the art. Happy Learning curriculum is designed and researched thoroughly by the experts. This special curriculum is first in the district, introduced to stimulate our kid’s brain towards complex thinking.

It is a real fun watching the kids learning the language and the concepts of the basics gradually but solidly.


Books Declaration Letter

Books List for 2019-2020


Parampara Academy implements Thinking-Centered Learning Program, Chrysalis is a thinking-centered learning program adopted by leading schools to create a learning environment that delivers quality and holistic education to suit the 21st century needs.

Chrysalis curriculum is developed through extensive research incorporating well established pedagogic elements such as Multiple Intelligences, Blooms Taxonomy (Higher Order Thinking), Experiential Learning (Project/Activity based learning), Constructivism (Teaching Methodology) and Societal Thinking (Values, Social Environmental Consciousness).

Below are the highlights of Chrysalis which are ingrained into every subject and every topic of Chrysalis which makes it unique and impactful:

4 Facets of Thinking

Chrysalis makes thinking visible in classrooms with the 4 Facets of Thinking™. This gives scope for critical, creative, societal and reflective thinking in students. This enables rich and varied thinking by all students leading to enhanced learning. It also ensures that students apply learning across different contexts.

The Chrysalis Approach

A brain based approach to learning based on extensive desk and field research which is the backbone of every lesson in Chrysalis. The approach ensures that the child:

  • is made to 'think'
  • learns by doing
  • is continuously assessed (both formative and summative)

Chrysalis BMI - Blooms-Multiple Intelligences

Chrysalis BMIensures that every subject caters to all the 8 Multiple Intelligences across each of the 6 Bloom’s Levels of Thinking – not once, but multiple times

With Chrysalis BMI, the curriculum does not just have ‘activities’ but ensures ‘balanced learning’ covering

  • Different kinds of learners
  • Higher levels of thinking

    • TransformationChrysalis enables our school to transform in the following 5 areas:

      • Student Thinking
      • Classroom Dynamics
      • Learning Ambience
      • Technology Integration
      • Teacher Empowerment

Beyond Academics


"Sports is given paramount importance in Parampara Academy. Vast lush green sports field with the state of the art Basket Ball Court (yet to be completed),Volley Ball Court, Cricket Net Practice, 200 meter track, Foot Ball ground, and Tennis caters to the sports needs of the kids. A qualified Physical Education Teacher takes care of the sports activities"


  • Tamil
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • French

360˚ Learning

We offer a wide range of coaching that nurtures the children to grow optimally at every stage.


Meditation helps in self-awareness and in awareness of the world around. The power of knowing through concentration of body, mind and soul that in turn helps to remain focused on all activities on day to day basis. It is a powerful training that controls the child’s behavior emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Sports Centre

We have a sports centre with a wide range of activities to accommodate a large band of children at a time. It is spacious and equipped with State-of-the-art sports equipment. There are grounds for volleyball, football, etc., Indoor games is also available.

Basic Economics

Economics is present in every walk of life. Basic economics is very important for children, so that they know how the real world works in terms of goods, services and money.

Life Skill Coaching

Child mentors are trained to ensure that children are taught on everyday life skills. This helps in shaping an individual’s character as necessary for global living. It gives a clear vision on how to adapt to the changing society without forgetting our traditions and culture.

Guru-Based Teaching

A Guru-shishya relationship is the key to culture-based learning system. The relationship between a guru and the disciples motivates in learning and developing knowledge, character and skills easier. These fruits from the gurus make children grow as confident individuals.

Logical and Reasoning Skill

We know that children will get excited & enthusiastic when it comes to playing games. That’s why our program was designed to develop skills in visual discrimination, pattern awareness, sorting & classifying, sequencing, number sense, and letter recognition – all this, while your child is having fun playing with the board game

This game provides a lot of practice for those who need additional reinforcement and it also offers more challenges to those who are ready to advance in their thinking skills. Parents can rest well knowing that this program has been developed by experienced pedagogues and it has been tested for its effectiveness of developing the thinking skills of children.

Reading and reference skill

Reading is the most important skill children will ever learn. It’s the tool your child needs the most at school, and it is essential for nearly every job and career.

Learning to read takes time and it takes you. Reading isn’t something children can just pick up, like learning to talk. It’s complicated. Children need you to encourage them to work at it, and to keep trying if they get frustrated.

Your children also need to see how exciting reading can be. They will learn this every time you share a wonderful story with them, or open a book about fascinating people, places or things. It’s up to you show them that reading is far more than just a subject taught in school – it’s the doorway to lifetime of learning, creating, discovering, and succeeding.


Technology driven Campus

The complete campus is driven by technology.

  • Automated School Management Systems
  • SMS Notifications for Parents
  • Wi-fi Enabled Classrooms
  • CCTV Enabled Campus
  • E-Report on Students Performance
  • Promethean Interactive Smart Boards
  • E-Blocks

Parampara Coaching

Training to Teachers:

Teachers are role models to a child after their parents, as a child spends maximum time with the teachers. The duties and responsibilities of a teacher extend much beyond the confines of the text books, the prescribed syllabus and even the class room. They provide education for discipline, for knowledge, for character, for life, for growth, for personal fulfillment and aesthetic refinement. According to a research a student’s motivation and attitude towards education and life is closely linked to student-teacher relationship. To provide teachers with the greatest chance of success, they need to have completed a teacher preparation program that provides them with knowledge, experience, and guidance. We understand the importance of the teachers’ training and impart ongoing Classroom Management Training programs for teachers throughout the year.

Training to parents:

In today’s scenario Parenting programs are necessary and are found to be very effective. The parent training intervention is a series of programs focused on strengthening parenting competencies (monitoring, positive discipline, confidence) and fostering parents’ involvement in children’s school experiences in order to promote the child’s academic, social and emotional competencies and reduce behavioural problems. The Parent programs are grouped according to age.

Training to Students:

Today’s children are exposed and connected to the entire world through their desk top, mobile phones and other electronic media. So it is our duty to tune and nurture the child and set a clear pathway for their personal and official career. These are few topics which are covered in the training program for the students.

  • Making young Indians, leaders
  • Problem solving
  • Emotional quotient (EQ)
  • Honesty
  • Making friends
  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Dining Etiquettes


How to Apply

Admission Procedure

We invite application for admissions, from Pre-KG to X for the academic year 2019-2020. Registration can be done by obtaining the application form on payment of Rs 500/- in cash.

Admission Process

  • Application form and prospectus can be obtained from the school
  • Once the application form is obtained, it needs to be duly filled by the parents
  • Applicants are required to appear for Interaction
  • Once the admission decision is communicated, parents need to submit all the required documents and pay the fees

Essential Documents

Application forms must be submitted on or before stipulated date in the school campus. Documents which need to be attached along with application form are:-

  • Certificate copy of student's school report of the previous academic year (if Applicable)
  • Certified copy of previous grades mark sheet in any public/Board examinations already taken (if applicable)
  • One certified copy of child's birth certificate
  • Transfer certificate from the school last attended (if applicable). (If for any reason TC isnot provided at the time of admissions, it must be produced before commencement of the academic-session)
  • Six passport size photographs of the child and four each of the parents

Note: Wherever a photocopy is submitted, the original documents should be made available on request for verification.

Minimum Age criteria

For admission children have to meet the stipulated minimum age criteria as on April 1st of the academic year,

Class Age
Pre KG 2 Years 6 Months
LKG 3 years 6 Months
UKG 4 years 6 Months
1st Std 5 years 6 Months
2nd Std 6 years 6 Months
3rd Std 7 years 6 Months
4th Std 8 years 6 Months
5th Std 9 Years 6 Months
6th Std 10 years 6 Months
7th Std 11 Years 6 Months
8th Std 12 Years 6 Months
9th Std 13 Years 6 Months
10th Std 14 Years 6 Months



Any Qusetions ? Get in touch with us!

Contact Details
  • Parampara Academy,
  • No. 2, Selvam Nagar
  • (Next to Selvam School)
  • Arakkonam - 631003, Tamil nadu, India.

  • Ph +919585504910 / 12
  • Email:info@paramparaacademy.com
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  • www.paramparaacademy.com
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